Web Enabled Phones

wpid-1306952228_computer-user-4.jpgWeb enabled phones open up a wide range of possibilities for people from all walks of life. From business professions to the tech savvy individual. Whether it’s through a data transfer network, or just a wi fi connection, surfing the internet everywhere you go is the latest cell phone feature fad. Although the bar has been raised significantly by the iPhone, there are plenty of other phones that are making the technology their own. Improvement the technology has made mobile phones almost as powerful as personal computers. With apps that do everything from wiring money, to watching steaming video, its hard to think what will be next.

Only a few short years ago this technology was expensive. The first phones to have internet connectivity were the most expensive on the market. However, now that the technology has been mastered, every major cell phone manufacturer as released a phone with this feature. It is now even considered a standard feature on most high end phones. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find mobile phone deals on web enabled phones that cater to your budget. Surfing the web is no longer for the elite, you can have this feature on any budget.

Webmasters Help You to Conquer the Web


To create web presence, maintaining a personal or business website is the norm. For this reason, the webmaster has become an important player in these times. A lot of commerce goes on in the web. Most webmasters are hired to put up websites whose sole purpose is selling goods and services online. This is now possible with the help of software that helps to make a virtual store. Websites like these consist of a catalog of products, a shopping cart, a secured payment method, and finally an order processing method.

Although this is an important skill that not everybody can do, a webmasters job isn’t confined to designing the website and creating the software for such virtual stores. A webmaster will have a broad knowledge of his particular field. After setting up the site, there is such a thing as website maintenance. This ensures that all that good designing and effort in creating the site will not go in vain. Website maintenance entails keeping the site updated for visitors or clients. If it is an online store, the website might need to regularly advertise special offers, discounts, and new products. Maintaining a newsletter or e-zine is another good idea to keep a site active. The webmaster will be able to help with this. He will be multi-skilled in the language of HTML, search engine promotions, graphics compression, and ftp transfers. Although a webmaster is not expected to provide content, he will have a network of skilled web content providers to recommend. A good website will give you a strong presence, and in effect you will be conquering new lands in the virtual world.

Webmaster Made Easy


A web page is a document of text and images that make up the World Wide Web. A number of web pages linked together make up a web site. A basic website design will consist of a homepage with more documents and files preceding it. It will probably have an about page, a links map, a site map, and include a feedback form. A single web page on the other hand will have a header, a footer, web content, adverts and links. A basic web page is divided into cells containing these 5.

A website, once set up, must be constantly updated with web content. A site is only able to be active and maintain traffic by making it interesting for site visitors. This is done by regularly uploading new articles, texts, images, videos, and others. It must be managed and constantly checked for easy readability, navigation, downloading, and search engine optimization. Webmasters are the people who do this. They are the people who have the skills for everything about web communication. There is a lot of technical information in a webmaster’s head. Multi-disciplinary approaches are necessary in the webmaster’s unique occupation. Webmasters connect online through forums. There are tutorials, tools, presentations, guidelines, and discussions regarding topics that are of interest to these web communicators.

Most anybody with a business has need of a webmaster. Being one is a legitimate profession in this high tech computer and internet age. There are full courses in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology. A number of short courses are being offered for specialized skills in web design, computer studies, web development, Java programming, and the like. Self-study is also an option.

The Webmaster and the Future of Communication


Communication infrastructure has fast tracked in the internet age, from snail mail to email. A short while ago in the history of mankind, the telephone was a major breakthrough. Radio, television, pagers, mobile phones, fax machines, computers, the internet, all these can be considered communication infrastructure. Web communication nowadays includes online social networking sites, blogs, news and media sites, electronic mailing sites.

The web communication experts are called webmasters. They make the websites that perform these communications services. They design it, engineer it, and maintain it. A good website will have a system of communication that allows site guests to contact someone through an email link or by submitting a feedback form. Communications has been so fine tuned in the internet age that the means of building these sites are also easily accessible through the very same sites. Webmasters can upgrade their skills through online forums, tutorials, and discussion groups. They can share these skills with others through the same way.

There are new discoveries and new inventions in this field. Aside from text, images, audio, and video can now be sent and accessed in real time. E-conferencing is now a possibility. Some of the wonders of the internet age have become a common everyday fact; these are transactions such as ecommerce, online banking, online stores, and the like. Such interactive communication has never been imagined before the advent of the internet. Always, time and distance were an issue. Not so now. We have the webmasters, the IT professionals, and the computer scientists and engineers to thank for this new trend.

Webmasters Then and Now

wpid-1289348421_web5.jpgThe first website was developed in 1990 by the first webmaster. After a decade of an existing but separate internet communication system and hypertext language, someone finally came up with the idea to combine these two distinct computer technologies. From the start, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) was used to write these first web pages. It was considered very basic as compared to today’s Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), server-side scripting, and other new discoveries and inventions in the field. Whereas the first website design was merely a collection of headings and paragraphs, it was already using hypertext to navigate to other pages. The websites of today, however, are filled with images and videos too.

Nowadays, being a webmaster is a growing profession. The World Wide Web is ever expanding. Expert communicators and operators are ever needed in this field. A webmaster must have a collection of skills in order to operate. A webmaster is a computer savvy fellow with more than a basic knowledge of everything about the web. This is opposed to a specialist who would be concentrating his expertise on only one aspect. There is website management, web hosting, web content management, web design, graphics compression, domain name registration, online marketing, site maintenance, e-commerce, search engine optimization, link development, access rights, site navigation, and such. The new language includes such terms that were meaningless decades ago. RSS, HTML, CSS, WYSIWYG, Perl, PHP and ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, FTP transfers; a webmaster today will be able to understand all of these words and phrases. He will have all the necessary skills to manipulate and shape them to make a website for today’s diverse needs.